Using Midas Touch Video Surveillance to Your Properties

If you haven’t heard about Midas Touch Video Surveillance yet, then you are missing a lot of things. Not only does this provide the best security feature to your businesses, it also gives you the most advanced technology against theft and vandalism. It has the best support from the best technicians and IT units in the country. What more is that it is even made extremely affordable just for you. We even made it better!

Nowadays, Midas Touch Video Surveillance is not just available for business owners but for household owners as well. We have made it compatible with residential properties to give our customers access to the basic tools that will make them safer every day. It is not a hidden knowledge how criminality has persisted in all types of the neighborhood over time. Although we have officers and people in uniforms that are ready to be dispatched to help prevent the escalation of these problems, we still have to take part in ensuring that we are safe all the time. This is one step of it, by installing the Midas Touch Video Surveillance in and out of your homes.

Like what we have mentioned above, Midas Touch Video Surveillance has the best support technology only from the bests – all of our products have. You won’t need to have a difficult time accessing our service when trouble comes. Since your home is highly dependent on our security system and is vulnerable to risks without it, we have a 24/7 customer service you can call. They can get you through the most basic troubles. We also have technicians who are ready for dispatch if the problem persists. From the installation up to the troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered.

Another advantage is that if you are going to sell your home, you can expect to get a higher value for it. When you find the best way to find motivated sellers who can help you with your property, your house is all set.

The security system can be life and death for every household. As such, it is not surprising anymore that many choose a property with an active security system already. We can guarantee you that with our products and services, you can haggle for a relatively higher price for your property. But if in case you want to have it transferred to another location, we can do that too. You won’t even have to pay a lot for it. Just the service labor and the price for wires will do.

Why is there a need to change the wires? Because they may not able to fit the new set-up in your new home. Also, removing it may damage the wirings which will make it less than effective than before. Please note that when we put the wires during installation, we made sure that it is not easily tampered with, so if we move it to another location, there may be irreparable damage.

Call us today to know more about Midas Touch Video Installation for your homes.

Welcome to Midas Touch POS

Do you require a Point of Sale system for your business? Midas Touch POS is your partner!

Midas Touch POS has a full line of integrated products for your Restaurant, Country Club, Bar, Night Club or even Garage Door Service in Tulsa. All of our products are designed to work together or as stand-alone systems.

Midas Touch POS is the Hospitality Systems Division of Aztech Solutions, Inc. Dedicated to the vision of our mother company, we offer you products that are the best in terms of reliability, performance and affordability. Take advantage of our products now.

Since 1987, we have specialized in addressing the needs of establishments in the food & beverage and hospitality industries. Whether it’s a point of sale, surveillance system or website requirement, our staff is qualified to deliver an affordable feature-rich solution.

Customer Satisfaction is of paramount importance. This makes our support services second to none. Every single Point of Sale customer receives the option for a “Live Day” of training. This means that one of our technicians is on-site during your first “Live Day” using our system. Your first day using a new computer system may seem stressful if all you have is a phone number for tech support. You will not have that stress with us since you will have on-site support from open to close if necessary.

Here’s what we offer:

Point of Sale Systems

Our Point of Sale Systems have gone through a long growth process incorporating features vital to the success of your business. We have listened to our customers and have incorporated functionality that is not yet available from other systems.

Midas Touch Video Surveillance

Theft and vandalism cost business millions of dollars each year. We can provide you with a highly effective and affordable tool against these crimes and others. We at Midas Touch POS will work with you to tailor a system directly suited to meet your requirements. Have the flexibility of viewing your business without having to be there. By using any Web Browser, You can monitor multiple cameras from multiple locations. Remote pan, tilt, & zoom functionality is also available.

Website Design

We can tailor an eCommerce solution to establish or enhance your online business. We offer professional services to develop, customize, operate and market your online store. We not only design a feature-rich website but can add it to over 1,000 search engines and over 500,000 link pages.

Gift/VIP System

We provide both Gift Card and VIP (Frequent Diner) services to your customers. Gift Card and VIP services work together to bring you more profits by increasing customer patronage through rewards. Our Gift/VIP cards are easily used and managed as “credit cards.” Your customers can use them at any of your locations. The cards themselves are customized with your establishment’s logo and design.


Guide to Finding the Right POS System for your Business

You have a business and looking for the right Point of Sale System? We understand how difficult it can be, with all the various technologies available.

This is why Midas Touch POS is happy to help you. Here are some important points to consider when choosing the right POS system.

Transaction Time

When you’re new to point of sale, most systems that you come across will feel like they operate fairly well and reasonably quickly. Coming from a cash register or not having previously owned a business at all, any POS software will feel like a solid choice at first. However, the speed of your transactions – or lack thereof – will have a huge impact on your business in more ways than one.

One thing that people surely don’t have much patience for at a small business is long lines. As a shopper, you come to expect it at large retailers but not at your local neighborhood shop. A fast and reliable POS system will help you fly through your busy periods throughout the day. Even a tiny stall in each transaction will add up and cost you money in the long run.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the biggest drawbacks of point of sale for many small business owners is the learning curve. Even though POS systems have become a lot more commercialized and common, there are still many small businesses that believe that they’re ‘keeping it simple’ by sticking with their old cash register. That may be true in some cases, but the right POS software is in fact, the real way of ‘keeping it simple’ at your store.

If your POS software isn’t simple and user-friendly, you will lose money by spending copious amounts of time training your staff and accounting for their mistakes along the way. A user-friendly system will drastically increase the transaction speed and save you money, and create a better experience for your customers.

Accurate and Timely Data

What’s the point of investing your hard-earned money on POS software if you can’t depend on the reports and the data that it provides? After all, that is the purpose of one, right? We’ve previously outlined the ways that you can use your POS software to better control your inventory, but if your reports don’t reflect the correct information or your system doesn’t provide the data in real-time, then it’s not very useful. Not to mention, with the advent of cloud technology now available to small businesses at affordable prices, if you can’t access your data where and when you want it, then it’s really not very beneficial.


We’ve all seen the news stories and statistics regarding retail fraud, beginning at the point of sale system. Fraud is a major issue in the US in particular, and it’s partly due to the lack of proper security measures built into many point of sale systems. Many POS companies are now developing better hardware and software features to address these concerns. You don’t have to be a security expert to choose a relatively secure POS solution if you just look for some key things. For starters, you should make sure that your system is PCI compliant, and that the card reader or terminal encrypts the data at the point of swipe. With new technologies like mobile wallets that use tokenization and NFC contactless payments, you should look for a system that provides the hardware to accept these types of secure transactions. In October of 2015, the major card companies are all issuing new cards and passing a motion for retailers to accept EMV chip cards for added security. At this point, your POS system should absolutely be addressing these things and providing you the necessary equipment to accept them.


Whether you choose the simplest, most basic card reader or your traditional computer-style point of sale system with all of the bells and whistles, you will need customer support at some point. What most business owners fail to realize is that when your business is in full swing, you will be wearing way too many hats to dedicate time to troubleshooting POS issues. The worst thing is, because your business is dependent on taking sales, a POS problem is not one of those things that you can put off or even delegate to someone else most of the time. On the other hand, the great news is that with the internet and customer reviews sites everywhere, it isn’t very difficult to find out whether or not the company that you’re considering provides good service.