Welcome to Midas Touch POS

Do you require a Point of Sale system for your business? Midas Touch POS is your partner!

Midas Touch POS has a full line of integrated products for your Restaurant, Country Club, Bar, Night Club or even Garage Door Service in Tulsa. All of our products are designed to work together or as stand-alone systems.

Midas Touch POS is the Hospitality Systems Division of Aztech Solutions, Inc. Dedicated to the vision of our mother company, we offer you products that are the best in terms of reliability, performance and affordability. Take advantage of our products now.

Since 1987, we have specialized in addressing the needs of establishments in the food & beverage and hospitality industries. Whether it’s a point of sale, surveillance system or website requirement, our staff is qualified to deliver an affordable feature-rich solution.

Customer Satisfaction is of paramount importance. This makes our support services second to none. Every single Point of Sale customer receives the option for a “Live Day” of training. This means that one of our technicians is on-site during your first “Live Day” using our system. Your first day using a new computer system may seem stressful if all you have is a phone number for tech support. You will not have that stress with us since you will have on-site support from open to close if necessary.

Here’s what we offer:

Point of Sale Systems

Our Point of Sale Systems have gone through a long growth process incorporating features vital to the success of your business. We have listened to our customers and have incorporated functionality that is not yet available from other systems.

Midas Touch Video Surveillance

Theft and vandalism cost business millions of dollars each year. We can provide you with a highly effective and affordable tool against these crimes and others. We at Midas Touch POS will work with you to tailor a system directly suited to meet your requirements. Have the flexibility of viewing your business without having to be there. By using any Web Browser, You can monitor multiple cameras from multiple locations. Remote pan, tilt, & zoom functionality is also available.

Website Design

We can tailor an eCommerce solution to establish or enhance your online business. We offer professional services to develop, customize, operate and market your online store. We not only design a feature-rich website but can add it to over 1,000 search engines and over 500,000 link pages.

Gift/VIP System

We provide both Gift Card and VIP (Frequent Diner) services to your customers. Gift Card and VIP services work together to bring you more profits by increasing customer patronage through rewards. Our Gift/VIP cards are easily used and managed as “credit cards.” Your customers can use them at any of your locations. The cards themselves are customized with your establishment’s logo and design.